BPW Spain

The Federation of Business and Professional Women. BPW SPAIN works to promote sisterhood, solidarity and the professional empowerment of Professionals and Business Women. It enables professional potential and leadership, supports women to reach decision-making positions, and lobbies to promote equal opportunities.

It is guided by the Principles for empowerment of Women established by UN Women.


We are an umbrella organization of the BPW clubs in Spain, and our hallmark is to function as a non-profit, non-racist, non-sectarian and non-partisan association.

Currently it encompasses a number of Associations of business, professional and executive women, united by the principles of equal opportunities at the professional level, in business, politics and society.

Our main objective is to develop women's leadership worldwide. This gives us the opportunity to share experiences, acquire knowledge of different cultures, and share emotions with business, professional women as well as entrepreneurial women from all over the world.

BPW International

The BPW International International Federation of Business and Professional Women (Business Professional Women) was founded in 1930 by Dr. Lena Madesin Philips.

BPW International has become one of the most influential international networks of business and professional women, and operates in five continents. BPW has consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations and as a participant in the Council of Europe.

Its members range from entrepreneur and professional women, and influential leaders to executive and entrepreneurial young women in more than 100 countries.