Section 2

The Digital Economy.
The data revolution.

New ways of working, engaging in business, which transform the current rules governing the market, work, and the economy.
A new environment of commercial transactions and interrelationship, i.e. other ways of consuming, generating and identifying needs and their impact on all aspects of current ways of doing business.
What is the impact from a macroeconomic point of view?
What about the job market or markets? Is it more flexible? Are new opportunities generated for individuals? Are there new and unusual cases?
What is the new employee profile in the digital revolution?
Entrepreneurs. Has the employee 'died'?
User. What about the consumer? Are we rather more consumers and less users or the way around??
New corporate cultures. New relations: diversity, agility and flexibility, key to success?
Strategies to be competitive in the age of Global Information.

Topics of interest

  • Challenges of the digital revolution
  • Race against the machine
  • Lean Start Up, lean management
  • "Simple is smart"
  • Success of start-ups, social networks
  • New business. New opportunities
  • Big data