Section 1

The new global order.
The “new normal”.
Western world dominance.

What is the new global order? In geopolitical, geostrategic, economic terms.
What are the new (or old) axis around which the world turns? energy, weapons, finance, knowledge (R&D&I), societies, religions, citizenships, technology...
And from this new "standpoint", awareness raising, rethinking... How is Europe situated? Where does the concept of member state or Nation stand? Do we European citizens take place in a film where we are just mere spectators?
What about Africa? The new great colony?
Is citizenship global? Are there multiple citizenships?
What should organizations do? Which organization?
Consumption orientalization: many players with much capital. The orientalization of life: mindfullnes and other trends.
Could ‘being-in-the-world’ mindfulness, detail-oriented Confucianism, the quest for harmony, or ‘here and now’ universal awareness act in contrastive or confluent ways in relation to the sweeping predatory logic of the market economy?

Topics of interest

  • New normal. Global disorder. The new global order.
  • New power balances, economic counterpowers.
  • Spirituality
  • The global city (the city as glocally interconnected space, participation)
  • How to use global trends to increase benefits.